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- « Like Sex Pistols meet the Beatles!" WEFT

(Chicago, ILL)


If you're looking for a band to storm the stage and throw everything

they have into their performance, then LA JARRY are your band!

They play energetic rock/punk music. The Guys are known for their catchy

choruses and lead singer Benoît’s unique voice. David Pourtau, who

is a blind guitar player, manages to create a modern and distinctive

sound. The lads are releasing a new album titled Precious time including

the single « Hollywood ».

They regularly perform in the U.S , UK, Europe, Canada…and will be

part of several festivals in the US in 2021-22.

Radio stations around the world have started to play LA JARRY’s rock

music (South Africa, USA, UK, Canada, France, Japan…).

LA JARRY have spent a lot of time working with Peter Gabriel’s team at

Realworld studios in Bath (England), that’s why their music is a mix of

pure rock and spiritual influences.

New album to be released in 2021 mixed by David Bottrill (Grammy

winning producer for Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Staind…) and

mastered by Brian Lucey (Marylin Manson, Oasis, Black Keys

« Hollywood »: Recorded at Abbey Road Studios (England)

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